Enrollment Fees

The enrollment fee is $60. If a member cancels and rejoins, another initiation fee will apply at that time.

Membership Hold Policy

The YMCA Wellness Center offers membership holds for a $10 per month administrative fee. There is a minimum suspension length of one month. Suspensions are not available for the YMCA Wellness Center Weight Management program.

Cancellation Policy

Although we hope that you will always want to stay well, we understand that sometimes things change in life and you may need to cancel your membership. We require all cancellation requests to be in writing. Please stop by and sign a cancellation request form. While we do our best to accommodate your individual needs, please understand that no phone calls or verbal requests will be accepted to cancel a membership. Cancellations must be received 7 days prior to your next payment date for your auto pay to be stopped. Requests received with less than 7-days notice will apply at the end of the following billing month.

Lost And Found

Lost and found items will be held for two weeks and if not claimed by the end of that period will be discarded or donated to an appropriate charity.


The YMCA Wellness Center offers free WIFI for members while onsite. Please ask the trainer on duty for the password to login.

Guest Fees

Guests may use the YMCA Wellness Center for a fee of $8 per day.

Guest passes allow visitors use of all of the facilities or participation in classes that are included in the YMCA Wellness Center Membership. Guest passes include general assistance but do not include training by personal trainers on the monthly workout program. Of course, we're happy to answer questions and make sure our guests are exercising safely. Don't skip your workouts because you have company...bring 'em along so they can work out, too!

Safety Policy

Our aim at the YMCA Wellness Center is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our members at all times. Therefore, we have established a policy concerning the potential impairment by any legal or illegal substances by any member or guest using the facility. These include, but are not limited to, prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, alcohol, marijuana, or any other legal or illegal substance.

If a staff member suspects a member to be impaired via any means of legal or illegal substance(s), the member will be asked to leave. Unwillingness to comply or multiple offenses may result in revocation of membership. Our staff maintains the right to use their judgment in these instances.

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