Glen W.

At 5'6", I weighed 315 pounds as of March 5, 2009. My activity level was non-existent, to say the least. I tried different ways to lose weight in the past, but never had any success. After so many attempts I kind of just gave up. I tried a few gyms around town and never felt comfortable. And as far as knowing what I was doing well, let's just say I wasn't sure if I was doing anything right or if I was going to hurt myself. Not only that, but I was intimidated by the other guys in the gym.

I used all of my past failures as an excuse to not join for quite a while. Eventually all of the excuses ran out and I had to face the fact that the weight wasn't going to come off all by itself and I had to get on with living. The fact that the nutrition program consisted of all of the foods I usually ate anyway and the gym itself didn't have that muscle-head mentality or intimidating feel to it, I knew I could do it. The staff coached me on the proper portions and timing of the nutrition program and coached me on the proper exercise techniques. In less than a year the inches melted away and the pounds dropped. I lost a total of 134 pounds!

I have learned a lot about myself in the past couple of years. One thing is the fact that if I can't rest on my laurels when it comes to my nutrition and exercise program. I occasionally have struggles but the issues are getting fewer as time goes on. I know I will never be immune to the effect food has on me so I have to keep it arrested in my head. Exercise is one way I help myself do that.

If you have weight to lose or want to improve your fitness level, This is the place to go!


My name is Roberta. In December, 2009 I was looking to improve my life. Having post-polio syndrome, I was losing so much of my body strength it was starting to scare me. I was way overweight and I couldn't get up a set of stairs without pulling myself up with the handrails.

Coming here has dramatically changed my life! I have dropped most of my excess weight so my appearance is better, but what I have gained in body strength is amazing! I no longer use the handrails on stairs and now can walk up them carrying a full laundry basket. I also take long walks which I couldn't do before.

I've had such a lifestyle change! All my friends see it and are proud of what I have accomplished with the help of all of wonderful trainers - now friends!


I have been on the program for 4 months. My weight was at a level of medical concern, my blood pressure was through the roof and at this rate, I was almost certain to be diagnosed with diabetes. I made the decision to change with Weight Management program. Since I've been on the program, I no longer experience heart palpitations; I have more energy and have regained control of my blood pressure. This is not a liquid drop program or a 17-day crash diet; it's a “program for life.” As of today, my imminent fear of diabetes is 50 lbs. behind me and counting. For the first time in my life, I feel I have made a decision for myself, to help myself.

Nothing in life worth getting is easy. The hardest part is making that decision to change and standing behind it. The staff has helped me stay on the right track to achieving my goals. They are regular people who are passionate about what they do. Let them help you with your decision to take control of your life. You won't be sorry!

Chris K.

I felt like my belly was a bowlful of jelly and I knew I had to do something! I'll admit it. I was eating too many cookies and drinking too much hot cocoa. I didn't have the energy I needed to keep up with the elves and all the duties I have. I was having a hard time fitting into chimneys and it was a struggle for the reindeer to fly with my extra weight.

Then I heard about and saw the results of some very good boys and girls. The nutrition plan is based on my metabolism so I don't go hungry. I like to eat and eat often and the nice folks taught me that I need to eat every three hours or so to keep my blood sugar stable and my metabolism working hard. That works for me! Real food, lots of variety and none of those pre-packaged, expensive meals for me!

The results have been fabulous! I have more energy and even look years younger. Let me tell you, the Mrs. couldn't be happier, either! She's so proud of me!

So if you have a few extra pounds from the holidays, stop by and get the results you deserve. You'll like the variety of foods, you'll feel satisfied so you won't even want to be naughty. See you there!

*(Okay, I admit it, this isn't a real testimonial…unless you BELIEVE, of course! I do. All my life I've heard "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" so it must be true!)

Claudia P.

October 2009: I'm sitting in my neurosurgeon exam room and wondering what he is going to tell me this time about my back. Six years ago I had lumbar 4-5 fused; now what is going to happen? The space above it is narrowing and has a cyst. The space below has a herniated disk. I don't know which disk level is causing all my pain and numbness in my low back and legs.

We talk about what is going on with my back. He tells me that he is going to send me for physical therapy. He then adds that it is not going to be easy, but like I was in boot camp.

As I'm taking in what he is saying, all I'm hearing is that he wants me to "LOSE WEIGHT". Okay, I got the message, but how am I going to do that when I have a hard time walking two blocks? And then there is the Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis that is affecting my major joints.

I had a total hip replacement at the age of 53. The top of one foot is fused and a wrist is fused (stiff, no flexion at the wrist joint) for pain control. I'm not looking forward to another surgery!

I will just watch my diet a little closer and hopefully drop a few pounds and that might take care of it. I only weigh 260 pounds and wear my weight evenly; I'm not too heavy in one place.

I set up my physical therapy appointment with Chad at Impact Physical Therapy. I'm telling Chad what is going on with my back and the rest of me. Then I told him what the doctor said about how physical therapy is going to be like boot camp. And how I felt that doctor really was saying that I need to lose weight.

Chad took it all in and then very professionally guides me through the Weight Management program.

This was the start to the new me! I made an appointment with Virginia and decided to start on my new adventure. The exercise portion didn't start until after I was done with physical therapy. I did start on the nutrition aspect right away. That was the week before my family was getting together for Thanksgiving dinner. I had to tell myself not to put it off or you'll never start doing what needs to be done.

The weight came off slowly. But I did not look at the big picture often but the little goals I set for myself. When I started exercising, I had a lot of help as what to do to keep my back in the best shape I could. The other big contributor to my weight loss was my walking. When I started to walk, my best distance was maybe 1/4 of a mile. Now I can walk 2 to 4 miles and I feel comfortable walking.

With Virginia and the rest of the staff and their positive support, I was able to lose 80 pounds in ten months. I learned to eat what I should be eating and not just what I wanted to eat. I needed to feed my body, not my desires. Fried and breaded food was out, and so was my favorite, ICE CREAM. (Ice cream is not a food source, but a fat source.)

Now that I have lost the weight and am keeping it off, I do have an occasional small bit of ICE CREAM, but only when I go out to eat and I use portion control. I do not keep ice cream in my house.

I will be having another back surgery and need a total hip on the other side. It will be a breeze recovering from these surgeries, not packing around an extra 80 pounds. Then, I'm getting back to the things that I love to do.

I watch what I eat and step on the scale four to five times a week. Most of all, I keep accountable to myself.

I owe so much to my neurosurgeon for his push, Weight Management for all their support and encouragement, but without ME willing to put out the effort and desire, I would not be where I am today!

Dave B.

For the past several years I have had three specific health risk areas that my doctor was closely monitoring and, in two cases treating: 1.) Pre-diabetic; 2.) High blood pressure; and 3.) Asthma. After being on the program for approximately three months, my blood pressure stabilized to the extent that the doctor recently took me completely off medication. At my last check-up which included lab testing for fasting blood sugar, my level was 99 which took me out of the pre-diabetic category. This was very significant to me because this is the first time my level has been under 100 in twenty years. In terms of the asthma, I no longer need a rescue inhaler, and am in the process of phasing off of the longer term inhaler.

Although I still have a long way to go to achieve my ultimate weight loss goal, I am very pleased with the progress so far. I feel a lot better, my clothes fit better, and my overall mobility has improved considerably. I have been very impressed with the extraordinarily competent, qualified and considerate coaching I have received from the entire team. You guys are a "class act"!

Thanks so much - keep up the good work, and I look forward to continue working with you in 2011. Happy New Year!

Lance B.

I started in Janruary 2011, at 215 1/2 lbs. The staff have worked closely with me, and I am very close to my goal weight. In 4 months, I have lost 47 pounds and lots of inches. I feel so much better (sleep, energy, work, and physically stronger). I had my knee replaced last year, and I have newfound life and purpose! Come join me, and start living life again. Tell Virginia, "Lance sent ya". I'll even be glad to work out with you, and show you what I've learned. Sincerely, Lance B.

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