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Your Health Is Our Priority

Lose weight safely and effectively by learning to eat to your metabolism. The YMCA Wellness Center offers a weight loss program that supports your success by balancing healthy nutrition, effective exercise and support - all overseen by certified Personal Trainers.

Since your YMCA Wellness Center nutrition plan is based on your individual resting metabolic rate, you will be able to eat the MAXIMUM amount of food while losing weight! Wholesome nutrition using a wide variety of grocery-store foods improves your health while training you to maintain your weight for a lifetime. The YMCA Wellness Center plan uses a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats; no food groups are eliminated. Real food. Realistic amounts.

The YMCA Wellness Center program makes weight loss simple! You choose your favorite foods from the extensive list of proteins, grains and starches, fruits, vegetables, fats, plus "extras" and "hankerings"! The portions are all figured for you, based on your individual plan, so there's no calorie counting to fuss with. Your personal nutrition plan will be regularly adjusted, based on changes in your metabolism, so there are no frustrating plateaus on your way to success!

You'll be trained and supervised by certified personal trainers on a new workout program each month. You won't be bored doing the same exercise program endlessly! The YMCA Wellness Center workouts use a variety of body weight exercises, TRX, dumbbells, cable machines, stability balls, bands and so much more. Also, your membership includes access to the Grants Pass Family YMCA group exercise classes and our 84 degree salt water pool. You may even encounter a Hula Hoop or jump rope from time to time! Of course, all workout programs can be modified to meet your individual needs and limitations. Fun, effective and never boring...that's the YMCA Wellness Center workout!

During your weight loss plan, you'll meet three times a week with our trained weight loss staff to help you achieve your goals. The weekly visits are private and are helpful in learning your new lifestyle. Your weight progress will be checked, blood pressure monitored, and a review of your daily food journal will keep you on track. The YMCA Wellness Center staff have helped many to meet their goals, they can help you, too!

You'll also receive follow-up assessments every eight weeks while on the YMCA Wellness Center Weight Management program. Assessments include the RMR (Resting Metabolic Assessment), ultrasound body composition, measurements and photos. As your metabolism changes, your food plan is changed to meet your current caloric need.

By following your YMCA Wellness Center weight management program, you can expect to lose approximately 8-10 pounds per month. There is a $100 program start - up fee for your initial assessments. Speak with a YMCA Wellness Center weight loss staff to discuss your goal and more specific pricing.

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